LIWAC 2022


LIWAC is the largest gathering of WASH stakeholders, with numerous opportunities for participants to network, gain insights and knowledge of international best practices, form new alliances, and collaborate on new business strategies and innovation.

“Unlocking Investments & Sustainable Access to Clean Water and Sanitation Services: The Regulatory Imperative” is this year’s conference theme.



The LIWAC 2022 among other programs considers Lagos WASH Investors’ Café as a key approach in consolidating the achievements of 2021 by bringing Lagos WASH priority projects to the roundtable with partners from the public and private sectors. From 2020 till date, the Lagos State Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (MoE&WR) has worked closely with other MDAs, WaterAid, and ARCTIC INFRASTRUCTURE (AI) to identify priority projects to strengthen water security and climate resilience in Lagos State.

The MoE&WR is working closely with the UNDP, WaterAid, and AI to attract climate finance for some of these projects. However, given the multiple challenges facing the State, there is a need for significant additional funds to meet the water sector’s needs. Projects proposed by the MDAs will form the basis of the presentations at the Café.

The Café, which will be convened by the Lagos State Water Regulatory Commission (LASWARCO) in collaboration with the MoE&WR, WaterAid, and AI will present an opportunity to bring the needs of the WASH sector in form of operational and financial data to the partners.

LIWAC 2022


Our bench of speakers includes some well-established and successful WASH practitioners who are known to be ruling the industry for years. Join us to learn more from them.


Degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. Worked as a journalist and in corporate finance before acquiring Global Water Intelligence and developing an information services business in the water sector. Managing Director, Media Analytics; Partner, Amane Advisors. Chairman, Global Water Leaders Group, a CEO level organization for utility leaders around the world.


Dr. William is the senior Team Leader/Founder of 2ML Consulting limited, a Management and Leadership consulting firm that offers responsive technical solutions to utilities and organizations across the globe and also the Executive Director of the Global Water Leaders’ Group – UK. He holds outstanding international experience of over 30 years, coordinating multidisciplinary teams in both the public and private sectors. He has focused on the management of water sector companies and organizations around Africa. His international association membership include; Honorary Member of Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers, Past Governing Board Member-International Water Association(IWA), The Hague Netherlands and award winner of the Outstanding Contribution to Management and science, (2010) International Water Association(IWA). He has earned international Professorship Awards (for expanded knowledge in the global arena of academia and leadership) from the United Graduate College & SeminaryJonesborough Tennessee, USA and Makerere University Kampala-Uganda.


“In the 24-year history of the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System Regulatory Office (MWSS RO), Atty. Patrick Lester N.Ty is the youngest person to be appointed as its Chief Regulator. Prior to his appointment, he led the Financial Regulation Area of the Regulatory Office as Deputy Administrator. From 2010 to 2017, he served as the Deputy Administrator of the Authority of the Freeport area of Bataan. From 2006 to 2010, he was the Special Legal Assistant of the Department of Finance. He worked in the Central Bank Board of Liquidators, UP Institute of Government and Law Reform, and Ocampo and Manalo Law Firm. Atty. Ty finished his Undergraduate Degree, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the Ateneo de Manila University. He then obtained a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of the Philippines College of Law in 2003.”


Engr. (Dr) Benson Ajisegiri is Veteran WASH Sector Reform Specialist. He retired as a Federal Director of Water Supply and Public Private Partnership in the Federal Ministry of Water Resources. He holds a Doctorate Degree in Strategic Management and Leadership, Masters in Water Management and Business Administration and Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering. He is a Development Project Leader and Management Expert. He worked as Project Manager on various World Bank-assisted and other Donor-assisted Water Supply Programs in many States of the Federation. He also coordinated the development of many federal initiatives for water supply improvement to the country amongst which are WASH Poverty Diagnostic Survey, Partnership for Expanded Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene (PEWASH) Programme (still ongoing), the National WASH Action Plan launched by the President, WASH National Outcome Routine Mapping (WASH-NORM), Sustainable Urban and Rural WASH (SURWASH) currently being supported by the World Bank with $700 million facility, etc. He has also served on the Boards of many Federal Parastatals including the FCT Water Board. He has tremendous international exposure having participated in various international workshops, seminars and conferences. He is a Fellow of the Nigeria Society of Engineers and the Nigeria Association of Hydrogeologists.


Dr Taibat Lawanson is Professor of Urban Management and Governance at the University of Lagos, Nigeria where she leads the Pro-Poor Development Research Cluster and serves as Co-Director at the Centre for Housing and Sustainable Development. Her research focuses on the interface of social complexities, urban realities and the pursuit of spatial justice in Africa. She is well known for her inter-sectoral work which engages students, policy makers, local communities and civil society actors. She has published widely in academic and popular platforms. Taibat currently serves on the international advisory committee of UNHABITAT flagship ‘State of the World’s Cities’. She is a member of the board of directors of the Lagos Studies Association, a pioneer World Social Science Fellow of the International (Social) Science Council and a proud alumna of the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Centre.


Jayant Bhagwan, is the Executive Manager of the key strategic area of Water Use and Wastewater Resources and Sanitation Futures at South African Water Research Commission, which focuses on the management of water and wastewater in the Domestic, Mining and Industrial sector. He has been instrumental in creating the portfolio of research projects and innovations related to water supply and wastewater management. He completed his Masters Degree in Tropical Public Health Engineering from Leeds University, UK. With his knowledge and experienced gained in implementation of water and sanitation projects, he has played and participated in the shaping of national water policy and legislation. He held the posts of the President of the Water Institute of Southern Africa, Chairperson of the Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry Water Advisory Committee, as well as international advisory positions with the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council, IWA- Global Development Agency and UNEP. He continues to be actively involved in a broad range of areas in the field of water supply, wastewater and sanitation, with current focus being on sanitation technologies for the future, technology innovation and application, social franchising of O&M, conduit hydropower, benchmarking, reuse and reclamation of effluents. He has been the founding member of the FSM Alliance and serves on the Supervisory Board, as well as founded the IWA-NSS Specialist Group of which he is the Chair.


Bibilore Olubusola Omotosho is a seasoned Water and Sanitation advocate born and breed in Lagos State, Nigeria. She has been passionately involved in various WASH interventions and gender inclusion initiatives, Analysis of Faecal Sludge Management in Lagos State, Review of draft document on Coastal and Marine Area Regulation 2010 for National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA), Local and International Conference and Convention reviewer such as IWA conferences, Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) etc. , Panellist on local and International programs, leading WASH advocacy campaigns majorly on WASH. Her deep enthusiast for Water and Sanitation has taken her to many local and international conferences around the world. She is currently the Steering Chair for International Water Association Young Water Professionals Nigeria where is able to inclusively sensitize teenagers and young adults into the WASH sector. She is also a member of various local and international associations such as International Water Association (IWA), National Task group on Sanitation, Sanitation & Water for all (SWA), Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA), Youth Water Network and many more. She is presently the Principal Consultant at HSP & BEES Environmental Consulting Nigeria where she deals majorly on sewage treatments and sanitation matters, she also run an NGO- Sustain Water Foundation, which is focus on provision of safe drinking water for less privileged inclusive communities. Bibilore has her Master’s degree in Environmental Control and Managements from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife Nigeria.


Peter Emmanuel Cookey is a Chief Lecturer and sanitation professional with the School of Environmental Health, Rivers State College of Health Science and Technology, Port Harcourt and Adjunct Lecturer with the Institute of Geoscience and Environmental Management, Rivers State University, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He was a Senior Lecturer/Researcher in Non-Sewered Sanitation at IHE-Institute for Water Education, Delft the Netherlands and Senior Research Specialist on Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems, at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) Bangkok, Thailand. He has an interdisciplinary academic background in environmental health, physiology and pharmacology, environmental microbiology, environment science and engineering management, governance and environmental management. His working career traverses occupational domains such as governance, regulations, inspection, monitoring, research, academics, consulting and training for private and public entities, advising governments on policies, legislation and reforms in sanitation and water as well as serving on global sanitation bodies. Peter was an ardent and active member of the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC), Geneva (representing middle, northern and western African countries) as well as a pioneer member of the International Standard Development Committee of the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) team that developed and delivered the global water stewardship standards. As an environmental health professional primarily focused on sanitation and water, he taught and mentored future sanitation professionals for seventeen years and conducted related research in the Niger Delta during that period. Peter facilitated the Rivers State Water and Sanitation Sector reforms, which drew down significant funding from the World Bank and African Development Bank as well as full government support. He was also co-chair for the drafting of proposed policy statements and legislative documents with the Rivers State Ministry of Water Resources and Rural Development. As a member of the Greater Port Harcourt Development Committee, he was directly involved in the design and development of the Greater Port Harcourt Mega-city water and sanitation projects among others. All of these experiences have given this erudite scholar and seeker in-depth insights into the core issues of sanitation and a rich understanding of most thorny issues.


Perry Rivera has been with the Ayala Group for 31 years and has held various appointments in Ayala Corporation, one of the Philippines’ oldest and largest conglomerates. Currently, he serves as a Managing Director seconded to Manila Water Company, Inc. (MWC) as Chief Operating Officer for New Business. For nearly 25 years, he has acquired expertise in PPP with focus on BOT and Concession models. He has also acquired extensive experience in general management in executive position covering corporate strategy, public policy and regulation, international business development and general management. Mr. Rivera concurrently serves as President and CEO of Manila Water Philippine Ventures (MWPV) and President and CEO of Manila Water Asia Pacific (MWAP) which house at least 15 subsidiaries. Mr. Rivera led the company’s expansion in other cities in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. He devotes a considerable amount of his time looking for opportunities in Rest of the World including MENA region. MWPV and MWAP have a combined $600M asset base with a workforce of more than 650 employees. Moreover, he serves as an Independent Director of the Toilet Board Coalition (TBC), the world’s first multi-discipline coalition of leading companies, government agencies, sanitation experts and non-profit organizations aiming to develop commercially sustainable and scalable solutions to the sanitation crisis. He was also a Founding Member of The Academy of Regulatory Professionals, a community of recognized experts dedicated to the understanding of regulatory issues and practices, the development of new knowledge and the promotion of mutual professional growth organized by the Public Utility Research Center at the University of Florida. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the Global Change Institute (GCI) at the University of Queensland, Australia from 2017-2018. GCI is an independent source of innovative research, ideas, policy and advice for addressing the challenges of a rapidly changing world. In September 2018, Mr. Rivera was appointed as the first Filipino board member of the International Water Association (IWA). Prior to his board appointment, Mr. Rivera achieved the distinction as the first Filipino IWA Fellow in 2016. Mr. Rivera continues to be a resource person in various conferences on infrastructure and regulation and PPP initiatives sponsored by the World Bank/ International Finance Centre, Asian Development Bank, Japan International Cooperation Agency, International Water Association, Singapore Public Utilities Board, by Academic Research Institutions such as The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), Stanford University, and University of Tokyo, and by Government Agencies in Emerging Countries. He earned his university degrees in Economics and Behavioral Science at the University of Santo Tomas (Philippines) and completed his graduate-level coursework in M.S. Economics at De La Salle University. In 2011, he completed the Advanced Management Program of Harvard Business School. His book Tap Secrets: The Manila Water Story – An Exercise in Successful Utility Reform in Urban Water Sector, was published by the Asian Development Bank in 2014.