The Lagos International Water Conference (LIWAC) an initiative of The Lagos State Water Commission since 2020 adjudged to be the largest gathering of water and sanitation stakeholders in the last three (3) years in Nigeria. It has therefore put Lagos on the global map of leading conversations targeted towards achieving SDG target 6 for clean water and sanitation through the exchange of transformational and innovative ideas towards finding lasting solutions to water supply and sanitation challenges, especially in a megacity such as Lagos.

Our Vision

To achieve a water and wastewater sector that ensures the delivery of efficient, affordable, and sustainable water supply and waste management services for present and future inhabitants of Lagos State.

Our Mission

To protect the long term interests of consumers with regards to price, quality and reliability of service in the water supply.

The idea of the conference is the outcome of a series of engagements and consultations by the leadership of LASWARCO with critical stakeholders on implementing government policies as they relate to water and sanitation, cutting across development partners, government, experts, NGOs, CLOs, and private sectors.



LIWAC is the largest WASH in Nigeria. Giving participants the opportunity to network, find new alliances, and work together on new business strategies and innovations.

LIWAC 2021

Theme: “Water Security and Investment Opportunities in Megacities: A Case Study of Lagos State."

LIWAC 2022

Theme: “Unlocking Investments & Sustainable Access to Clean Water and Sanitation Services: The Regulatory Imperative”

LIWAC 2023

Theme: Accelerating sanitation and hygiene for all in Lagos Megacity through regulation and innovation.


Theme: “Financing Water & Sanitation For A Greater Lagos”